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Project Description

Pipe-It Workflow Automation can replicate and automate any complex workflow, e.g. multiple complex Excel files with manual interaction.

This allows you to:

  • Transfer data between spreadsheets, databases and files automatically, consistently.
  • Run applications and scripts with ease.
  • Collect important parameters and KPIs in a unified environment from an unlimited number of file resources integrated within the Pipe-It project.

Executing the entire workflow is done by the push of a button, making complex workflows previously understood by only a few, readily understood and executed by many.

Human error is eliminated while the entire workflow remains transparent and easy to maintain. Automated checks of workflow results is used to minimize errors associated with multiple, complex Excel files.

SPE 128742 – Urucu Field Integrated Production Model
IPA03-E-068 – Implementation of Stream Management at South Natuna Sea Block B, Indonesia
SPE 121252 Model-Based Integration and Optimization – Gas Cycling Benchmark
SPE 130768 – Multi-Field Asset Integrated Optimization Benchmark
SPE 164334 – Well Test Rate Conversion to Compositional Wellstream
SPE 166380 – Optimized Well Modeling of Liquid-Rich Shale Reservoirs
IPTC-17727-MS – Mix-n-match Reservoir Coupling in Integrated Modeling and Optimization
IPTC-18033-MS – Numerical Investigation and Integrated Optimization of Solvent-SAGD Process
SPE-153073-MS – Cyclic Shut-in Eliminates Liquid-Loading in Gas Wells

Project Details