Whitepaper 02/2012 Providing Compositional Streams

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Project Description

Whitepaper 02/2012 Providing Compositional Streams

Mohammad Faiz Hoda, SVP Middle East at Petrostreamz AS

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One of the driving forces of Pipe-It development is the provision of a petroleum streams infrastructure for an asset. You might have heard Curtis say on our website “If it ain’t piped, it ain’t sold”. There exists a physically interconnected network of pipes delivering what exists down below in the bowels of the earth to the sales point.

With Pipe-It our motto is “If it ain’t piped computationally, it ain’t optimized”. There needs to exist a network of computational “pipes” and nodes where the petroleum streams are computationally described. In as much detail as possible. In as many representations as possible. At as fine a resolution, time wise, as possible. This is what we mean by providing a stream infrastructure.

Read the full story in the attached pdf file.