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Project Description

Whitepaper 01/2012 Ingredients of a successful model-based integration and optimization

Mohammad Faiz Hoda, SVP Middle East at Petrostreamz AS

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We argue that the key ingredients of success in implementing a usable and sustainable model-based integration and optimization system are fluid handling consistency, transparency in the methods used and automation of workflow. This article describes the philosophy behind all our model based integration and optimization projects. It was also presented at the SPE Applied Technology Workshop on “Optimized Field Development Planning Through Improved Reservoir And Facility Engineering Integration” at Aberdeen, UK 21 – 23 June 2010.

The ingredients discussed in this white paper were used in a model-based integration and optimization project of a large scale mature field complex in the Norwegian Sea, with special focus on PVT and fluid treatment. Various models of different disciplines that were incorporated and optimizations performed on the integrated model. The model provides compositional streams at any point in the system. The accuracy of the model-based system was due to the emphasis on consistency of fluid handling and automation of workflow.
The four key ingredients, based on our experience of the successful implementation of the large mature field complex, are:

  1. Consistent PVT & fluid treatment
  2. Transparent technical solutions
  3. Automated workflows
  4. Respect for current work processes