Urucu Fluid Characterization

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Project Description

Urucu Fluid Characterization

Location: Brazil | Client: Petrobras | Published: Fri, 10/22/2010

Executive Summary

This project was contracted by Petrobras to develop equation of state (EOS) and viscosity model for the Urucu RUC and LUC field.

The main purpose of this fluid study has been to:  (1) Develop a common Equation of State (EOS) for Urucu LUC and RUC field – a SCN (single carbon number) EOS with C35+ as last component; (2) Quality check for accuracy of all the available PVT data; (3) Develop a ‘pseudoized’ EOS model for the purpose of running full-field compositional reservoir simulation;  and (4) Generate black-oil PVT tables for black-oil simulation models, emphasizing consistency of gas coning behavior.

Technical solution using Pipe-It

Pipe-It application was used to assist in development of proper pseudoized 8-component EOS model. Optimization-Case Matrix module was used to determine a fluid sample for the pseudoization and the best component pseudoization strategy. Proper choice of the sample and the pseudoization groups minimized performance difference between single carbon number (SCN) and pseudoized EOS.