Urucu Field Production Optimization

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Project Description

Urucu Field Production Optimization

Location: Brazil | Client: Petrobras | Published Thu, 06/24/2010

Executive Summary

A two-year R&D project was executed in 2007-2009 where new technologies for modeling gas and water coning in high-permeability reservoirs were developed.

This was integrated into a prototype Pipe-It solution to simultaneously solve for all 60+ optimal well rate controls, including local, regional, and field production constraints. A following one-year project up-scaled the solution to the whole field. The field optimization model integrates field production data base, well coning models and the flow network model, while honoring the constraints on wells, production separators, flowlines and total field gas processing capacity.

Technical solution using Pipe-It

In order to model individual well behavior under coning Petrostreamz developed an automated history matching solution for Urucu wells (gas-oil-water rate historical coning performance) using Pipe-It and 3D reservoir simulator models (CMG IMEX).

For short time field production optimization numerical model results for well production performance are converted into analytical model with individual well analytical constants. Several analytical models have been tested against numerical model results until adequate model has been chosen. The chosen analytical proxy well model is based on fundamental flow theory by Fetkovich.