Tie-In Evaluation

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Project Description

Pipe-It Tie-In Evaluation enables accurate modeling of the effects of tying in a new field to existing infrastructure and the impact this has throughout the entire value chain.

Interactions between the production from new tie-in fields and the production from existing fields can be complex and non-intuitive. The whole value chain can be affected in terms of quality of the final products, capacity limitations in shared facilities, and flow assurance issues. These effects are difficult to model manually. To see the full picture, all parts of the production system need to be brought together within an integrated asset model.

Pipe-It Tie-in Evaluation can be used to get a detailed overview of the effects potential tie-in fields have on the entire value chain. Determine the impact tie-ins will have on total asset economics, shared facilities, and final product quality.

Tie In Evaluation Flyer
IPA03-E-068 – Implementation of Stream Management at South Natuna Sea Block B, Indonesia

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