Project Description

SPE 84361 Stream conversion for 3.5M cell simulation model for process simulation

Bassam Al-Awami (Saudi Aramco) | K. Hemanthkumar (Saudi Aramco) | Fatema Al-Awami (Saudi Aramco) | Mansour MohammedAli (Saudi Aramco)

Location: Arabia | Client: Saudi Aramco | Published: Fri, 10/22/2010

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Executive Summary

Detailed compositional simulation of a giant reservoir with many components is not practical. However detailed multi-million cell black oil simulation of giant reservoirs has been quite feasible for some years now. In 2003 Aramco wrote a SPE paper (SPE84361) discussing the Streamz (now an integral part of Pipe-It) to generate the compositional rates from a black oil simulation of the giant Shaybah field. This case study tries to summarize the discussions.


Technical Solution in Pipe-It

During 2007-2008 a similar stream conversion from 2 sector models of North and South parts of the Shaybah field was required for conversion 9-component EOS model to 16-component streams. This was setup in the new fledgling Pipe-It with an integrated system to a) convert ECL UNSMRY files to Pipe-It formatted STR files, b) perform the EOS9 to EOS16 conversion at well connection level at each time step, aggregation of streams to well level and field level and also time-wise to yearly streams, and finally to a surface process that takes the field yearly streams as input feed and performs the 4-stage separation process simulation. Aramco have used this solution to run various cases of their North & South area sector models and automatically obtain the EOS9 streams at various levels of aggregation…