Project Description

SPE 121252 Model-Based Integration and Optimization – Gas Cycling Benchmark

Aleksander Juell, SPE, NTNU | Curtis H. Whitson, SPE, NTNU/PERA | Mohammad Faizul Hoda, SPE, PERA

SPE EUROPEC/EAGE Annual Conference and Exhibition, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 8–11 June 2009

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A benchmark for computational integration of petroleum operations has been constructed. The benchmark consists of two gas-condensate reservoirs producing to a common process facility. A fraction of the processed gas is distributed between the two reservoirs for gas injection. Total project economics are calculated from the produced streams and process related costs. This benchmark may be used to compare different computational integration frameworks, and optimization strategies.

The methods of model integration and optimization discussed in this paper are applicable to complex petroleum operations where it is difficult to quantify cause-and-effect without comprehensive model-based integration. A framework for integration of models describing petroleum operations has been developed. An example test problem is described and studied in detail. Substantial gains in full-field development may be achieved by optimizing over the entire production system.

All models and data in the benchmark problem are made available so that different software platforms can study the effects of alternative integration methods and optimization solver strategy. The project itself can, and probably should, be extended by others to add more complexity (realism) to the reservoir, process, and economics modeling.

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