South Natuna Sea Integrated Stream Management & Field Development

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Project Description

Integrated Stream Management & Field Development Optimization for the South Natuna Sea

Location: Indonesia | Client: ConocoPhillips | Published: Fri, 10/22/2010

Executive Summary

ConocoPhillips’ South Natuna Sea Block B (SNSBB) provides gas to two separate contracts for which they needed to develop fields and build infrastructure across a large area of Block B. 19 reservoir models and multiple tank models are used with three processing facilities. Implementation of stream management has focused on the eastern area fields, which are compositionally complex and yield multiple revenue product streams. Pipe-It/Streamz technology was used to solve the longstanding problem of consistency and aggregation of multiple reservoir flow streams and easy transfer of petroleum fluid data from discipline to discipline.

The figure above shows the top level view of the South Natuna Sea Pipe-It project. Towards the end of the project the first beta version of Pipe-It became available in 2006. During late 2006 and early 2007 the whole projet was implemented in Pipe-It. In the screenshot shown above an image of the area was used as the background for the top-level Pipe-It project. Each facility, Belanak, Belida and Mogpu were implement in their own Pipe-It box placed in geographically proper positions. The satellite facilities of Kerisi/Hiu and of North Belut were also similarly implemented