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Project Description

Pipe-It Reservoir to Network Integration consistently connects any reservoir model(s) with pipeline network models to account for surface constraints to optimally adjust reservoir rate controls.

Reservoir management involves setting rules for well and group rates as a function of time to ensure best possible recovery from the reserves. Often such well rates run into bottlenecks on the surface facility and network system since their effect is not adequately handled by the reservoir models.

This solution bridges the gap by evaluating the surface constraints at user-defined time steps and letting the reservoir management update the model well and group controls accordingly to achieve a better forecast for the field, incorporating surface limitations.

Reservoir to Network Integration Flyer
SPE 121252 – Model-Based Integration and Optimization – Gas Cycling Benchmark
SPE 130768 – Multi-Field Asset Integrated Optimization Benchmark
IPTC-17727-MS – Mix-n-match Reservoir Coupling in Integrated Modeling and Optimization
IPTC-18033-MS – Numerical Investigation and Integrated Optimization of Solvent-SAGD Process
SPE-172725-MS – CO2 Injection Project Analysis Using Application of Integrated Model and Optimization

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