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Project Description

Reservoir Coupling with Pipe-It – A Scripted Logic Controller Approach

Location: Norway | Client: IPT, NTNU | Published: Tue, 04/24/2012

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The main purpose of this thesis is to propose Reservoir Coupling (RC) solution using a scripted logic controller approach through Pipe-It as the open interface framework that allows an entire project to be executed that involves external or thirdparty programs such ECLIPSE. The motivation is to solve current limitation of RC feature in one commercial Reservoir Simulator ECLIPSE. The logic approach formulation has been developed to manage production-scheme logic under target and constraint at field. The feedbacks of production and injection rates provide dynamic system in the coupled reservoir model. The case example is taken from ECLIPSE RC datasets and the results verified with ECLIPSE results run.

Technical Solution in Pipe-It

The project will develop alternate Reservoir Coupling (RC) solution by using scripted logic controller with Pipe-It. The reservoir models were taken from RC ECLIPSE example dataset which consist of three black oil reservoir models. The main reason is easier to compare the results as verification. The RC approaches will run on a single computer. All of employed software in this project is installed in stand-alone mode. Particularly ECLIPSE suite simulator is using server licenses for all licenses such black oil and reservoir coupling feature. Besides the verification results of production and injection profile of each approach, the benefit and limitation found also will beexplained later.