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Project Description

Model based PVT studies start with PVT reports from laboratories that have conducted experiments on samples collected from wells either downhole or surface.

Pipe-It PVT Solution automates complex workflows such as managing a large number of samples, formatting sample data for PVT modeling tasks, and adjusting PVT properties to fit measured data.

This can then be used to determine the most efficient lumping scheme when constructing a simplified EOS to use in reservoir simulation.

SPE 63087 – Guidelines for Choosing Compositional and Black-Oil Models for Volatile Oil and GasCondensate Reservoirs
SPE 84361 – Stream conversion for 3.5M cell simulation model for process simulation
SPE 159400 – Dynamic Delumping of Reservoir Simulation
SPE 170912 – Global Component Lumping for EOS Calculations
SPE 147072 – Modeling SAGD with a Black-Oil Proxy
SPE 155499 – PVT in Liquid-Rich Shale Reservoirs

Project Details