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Project Description

Pipe-It Proxy Model Development makes it possible to build and tune simplified proxy models as replacements for time consuming full-physics models in conventional engineering applications:

  • Well / reservoir models
  • Process simulation models
  • Flow assurance models

Pipe-It Streamz technology can be used as a proxy model for full-physics process models:

  • Tuned to k-values from the full-physics model or as a series of flash calculations
  • Runs in a fraction of the time, can process multiple time steps in one go.

And to automatically create simplified models for other parts of the production system:

  • Tune well IPR curves to reservoir simulator output or measured test data.
  • Generate interpolation tables for pressure drop in pipes by exercising full-physics pipe models.

Using Pipe-It’s Proxy Model Solution allows running multiple scenarios in a fraction of the execution time of full-physics models, with sufficient level of detail.

SPE 147072 – Modeling SAGD with a Black-Oil Proxy
IPTC-18033-MS – Numerical Investigation and Integrated Optimization of Solvent-SAGD Process
SPE-172725-MS – CO2 Injection Project Analysis Using Application of Integrated Model and Optimization

Project Details