Optimization of well start-up

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Project Description

Optimization of well start-up

Location: Norway / Austria | Client: University of Leoben | Published: Tue, 04/24/2012

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This Master of Science Thesis deals with well start-up and the necessity of optimizing such operations. Coupling a reservoir model with a wellbore flow model is suggested as an ideal way to capture and tame complex transient flow phenomena encountered in this production phase.

Having described the approach and working principle of the chosen explicit coupling strategy, simulation and optimization results are presented and a qualitative comparison with real well start-up data is given.

Technical solution in Pipe-It

To simulate and analyze processes going on during a well start-up, it is essential to create a model that can handle multiphase flow in two quite different environments: porous media and pipe. Since there is no single software able to do both with sufficient accuracy, coupling of two separate applications has been investigated. For this paper, a near-wellbore model (in SENSOR by Coats Engineering Inc.1) has been explicitly coupled with a multiphase pipe-flow model (in OLGA by SPT Group Norway AS2). The model integration was set up in Pipe-It (by Petrostreamz AS3), software specially designed for integrating and optimizing multi-component processes…