Project Description

Multi-Field Asset Integrated Optimization Benchmark (SPE 130768)

EUROPEC 2010 – Petroleum Industry | Published: Thu, 05/12/2011

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Executive Summary

Integrated modeling of multi-field assets, from subsurface to market, is challenging due to the complexity of the problem. This study is an extension of the SPE 121252, model based integration and optimization gas cycling benchmark, extending two gas-condensate fields to two full-field multi-well models and introducing an oil field undergoing miscible WAG injection, where most data are taken from the SPE 5 Reservoir Simulation Comparative Project, SPE 16000.

Technical Solution in Pipe-It

The model presented in this paper is rich and complex enough to represent the value chain from reservoir to export and thus suitable as a benchmark for integrated operations and optimization. The upstream part of the integrated model includes two gas-condensate reservoirs and an oil reservoir while the surface process system includes gas and liquid separation as well as an NGL plant…