Project Description

Multi‐Field Asset Integrated Optimization Benchmark (SPE 121252)

EUROPEC 2009 – Petroleum Industry | Thu, 05/12/2011

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Executive Summary

Pipe-It was used to create an integrated model consisting of two gas-condensate reservoirs with different fluid and rock properties, coupled together with a process simulator and an economics package. A fraction of the produced gas was re-injected into the reservoirs to increase condensate recovery. Through Pipe-It the amount of gas injection, and the distribution between the reservoirs, was optimized to maximize net present value of the produced fluids. This creates a platform where it is easy to study complex causes and effects in a truly integrated manner.

Techinical Solution in Pipe-It

Two gas-condensate reservoir models were created based on the model presented in the third SPE comparative project (SPE-12278). One reservoir with a lean initial fluid composition, and the other with a richer initial fluid. The produced streams from both reservoirs were fed to a process simulator.