Project Description

Miskar H2S Tracking for In-fill Well and Facility Capacity Optimization

Location: Tunisia | Client: British Gas | Published: Fri, 06/24/2010

Executive Summary

The Miskar gas field is located in the offshore Gulf of Gabes, Tunisia. The field has two main areas: Core and Terrace. During 2005-2006 PERA has provided technical consulting for development of black-oil PVT tables for reservoir simulation and for general management of streams producing from these reservoirs in terms of optimal blending for H2S & CO2 constraints, well phase-in and facility capacity planning. Note that detailed compositional analysis and blending optimization was done based on black-oil simulations, utilizing the unique and time-tested black-oil to compositional (BOz) conversion technology built into Pipe-It.

Technical Solution in Pipe-It

The BO-Miskar project has the distinction of being the first industry solution using the fledgling Pipe-It software as early as in 2006. During the end of 2006 and early 2007 Petrostreamz/PERA  used Pipe-It to re-implement the original semi-manual and difficult to maintain solution…