Project Description

Fluid Characterization for the Te Giac Trang field

Location: Vietnam | Client: Hoang Long | Published: Fri, 10/22/2010

Executive Summary

The TGT (Te Giac Trang) Field is located in the Cuu Long Basin of Vietnam. The main purpose of this study was to review lab PVT data and develop a fluid model for the TGT field, develop a detailed Equation of State (EOS) model, provide black-oil tables for reservoir simulation and to provide black-oil to compositional conversion tables. PhazeComp, the software exclusively used by PERA for fluid characterization and EOS model development is combined with the Pipe-It to provide a complete workflow incorporating the multi-steps needs and multiple post-processors.

Technical Solution in Pipe-It

Pipe-It is unique software to integrated models and optimize petroleum assets. Its generality and flexibility allows it to be used in any and every situation. In this project Pipe-It was used as a project management and personal productivity tool…