Project Description

Pipe-It Diluent Injection Optimization provides a customized solution for diluent injection optimization. Using Pipe-It, any model/software that represents each of the nodes in the production value chain – from well to market – can be integrated.

A consistent stream conversion technology allows Pipe-It to handle different fluid models, making it possible to quantify the effects of diluent injection on the entire production system and value chain.

Heavy oil represents a large portion of the world hydrocarbon resources, but high density and viscosity makes it difficult and costly to produce. Diluent injection is a viable alternative not only to help lift fluids to surface and reduce pressure drops in transport pipe lines, but also to increase the quality of export oil to become a marketable product.

This integrated solution for diluent injection optimization reduces cost by minimizing the amount of diluent needed to be imported, and maximizes production by optimally distributing diluent among wells.