Project Description

Integrated Stream Management for the Oseberg field

Location: Norway | Client: Statoil| Published Thu, 06/24/2010

Executive Summary

Oseberg is an offshore oil field with a gas cap in the North Sea located 140 km (87 mi) northwest of the city of Bergen on the southwestern coast of Norway.

PERA/PZ has provided a solution for management of streams in the Oseberg Area including fields producing to the Oseberg Field Center, and other nearby fields including Brage, Huldra, Veslefrikk, Grane and Oseberg C. The integrated solution includes the streams in OTS and on-shore processing facility at Sture.

Technical Solution in Pipe-It

PERA/PZ has developed a solution for an integrated stream management system for the Oseberg Area. For the fields associated with the Oseberg Field Center the main deliverable was ability to seamlessly convert the Oil, Gas and Water profiles reported as the annual RNB (Revised National Budget) numbers for eight high level Sources (OFC Brent, Statfjord, Tune, Omega Nord, Oseberg Sør, Delta, Oseberg Øst and Test Sperarator) to consistent molar rate profiles…