Project Description

Abu Qir Fluid Characterization and Optimum Reservoir Simulation Model Evaluation

Location: Egypt | Client: Edison | Published: Thu, 06/24/2010

Executive Summary

Petrostreamz/PERA has performed a comparative study on the performance of the compositional and black-oil models with varying PVT and permeability data from the Abu Qir field. The decision to use black-oil or pseudoized EOS PVT in reservoir simulation is made based on discussions of the alternatives and examples from PERA’s portfolio using both methods. Based on our verification we have recommended that the Abu Qir/Madi field depletion reservoir simulations can be modeled accurately with black-oil PVT formulation with post-processing providing the required compositional profiles.

Technical solution in Pipe-It

PERA has performed a fluid characterization study and developed an EOS model. A simpler “pseudoized” EOS model was also developed, with 12 components, which can be used for reservoir compositional simulation.  Black-oil tables were also developed for the various reservoirs in Abu Qir/Madi field, with reservoir-specific conversion tables of black-oil rates to detailed (full EOS) compositional streams.