Project Description

Aasgard Area Multi Field Integrated Asset Optimization

Location: Norway | Client: Statoil | Published: 06/24/2010

Executive Summary

PZ/PERA has developed an integrated model-based software solution and engineering methods to address the complexity of multi fields and petroleum asset models in Åsgard Area. A consistent stream conversion technology is implemented to handle more than 10 different fluid models used in Åsgard Area. The integrated Pipe-It solution provides detail stream information at each production node of the reservoir-process-export flow network. Nine different ECLIPSE® 100 and 300 models are integrated as well as three surface process HSYSY® models. Optimization and sensitivity analysis have been done to estimate the final product properties due to future assets tied-ins.

Technical Solution in Pipe-It

PZ/Pera has  developed  a  software  solution  and  methods  for  engineers  and management teams to effectively obtain stream information at specific user-desired points (“nodes”) in the infrastructure comprising current Åsgard area fields…