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Petrostreamz AS is a software company spun-off from PERA AS, a worldwide consultancy in PVT-related modeling.

PERA has developed fluid characterization models and conducted compositionally-sensitive reservoir simulation for most of the world’s largest oil and gas condensate reservoirs, representing fields that contain more than half of the earth’s proven oil and gas reserves.

Our staff has provided more than 100 industrial training courses on PVT-related topics. The challenges and solutions developed in our extensive consultancy has led to our suite of Pipe-It Integrated Asset Modeling Software and Pipe-It Solutions.

Meeting Business Needs with Answers

Through PERA consultancy, a business need for more efficient and accurate integration of petroleum product streams was identified, leading to to development of Streamz, the underlying technology in the Pipe-It IAM software.

Streamz was completed, tested and put to commercial use in 2000 on several mega-size product stream integration projects up until 2006. BG awarded Streamz a cherished Technology Award in 2005 for its contributions to stream optmization in Tunisia.

The conclusion from these first years using Streamz in large integrated projects was clear. Streamz was reliable, efficient, and powerful for model-based integration.

Petrostreamz started Pipe-It development in 2006, with a game plan to create a Streamz-based Graphic User Interface. By 2010, Pipe-It was complete and in 2011 commercially launched towards customers.

Since 2011, the Petrostreamz team has delivered Pipe-It solutions globally and since 2015 many of these solutions have been offered as stand-alone Products.